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    Welcome to Team North Stars

    This page includes all information and resources related to Team North Stars. This includes the team homework calendar. Work is posted each Monday for the week. Some materials and information for each class will sometimes be found on Google Classroom. This includes classwork and homework. Continue to scroll below the calendar to see each class's course outline as well as other useful files and links. If you have any questions, there is a Google form below you can submit, but also please don't hesitate to email anyone on the team. 

    Social Studies: Mr. Menges(Lunch) tmenges@starpointcsd.org

    English: Mrs. Niziol (Monday/Tuesday)  mniziol@starpointcsd.org

    Math: Mrs. Rusinek (Wednesday/Thursday) krusinek@starpointcsd.org 

    Science: Mr. Wasylenko (Tuesday/Wednesday) bwasylenko@starpointcsd.org

    French & Spanish: Ms. Hammerl (Monday/Wednesday) lhammerl@starpointcsd.org 

    Academic Support: Mrs. Heximer (Monday/Tuesday) Instagram:mrs.heximer mheximer@starpointcsd.org




    Monday 5/29

    Tuesday 5/30

    Wednesday 5/31

    Thursday 6/1

    Friday 6/2


    (Social Studies)












    (Math 8)

    Memorial Day

    No School

    No new assignment

    Work on missing assignments (due June 9th)

    HW #98: Word Problems (day 2)  

    HW #99: Finish Test #7 - Ch. 10 Systems of Equations Review Desmos if necessary (counts as a grade)  

    Test #7

    Obj 19: Multiple Choice

    Obj 20: Solving a System of Equations Graphically

    Obj 21: Solving a System of Equations Algebraically



    Memorial Day

    No School

    HW #114: Analyzing Residuals

    HW #115: Interpreting Residual Plots

    Unit Review #11 is due today!


    HW #116: Interpreting Correlation



    HW #117: June 2022 Regents Exam






    (Earth Science)











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