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  • Welcome to Team Starbursts!

     Social Studies: Mrs. Jones        kjones@starpointcsd.org

    Math: Mrs. Steward          csteward@starpointcsd.org

    Science: Mrs. Rotella-Diez       arotella-diez@starpointcsd.org

    Spanish: Mrs. Julian         kjulian@starpointcsd.org

    English: Mrs. Zinni        azinni@starpointcsd.org

    Study Skills: Mrs. Abel        kabel@starpointcsd.org 


    Monday 5/29

    Tuesday 5/30

    Wednesday 5/31

    Thursday 6/1

    Friday 6/2

    Mrs. Steward

    Math 8


    Office Hours: 

    Tuesday and Thursday

    No School

    No New Homework

    HW #98: Word Problems (day 2)


    HW #99: Finish Test #7 - Ch. 10 Systems of Equations Review Desmos

    Test #7 on Chapter 10 Systems of Equations

    Mrs. Steward



    Office Hours: 

    Tuesday and Thursday

    No School



    HW #114: Analyzing Residuals

    Unit Review #11 Due


    HW #115: Interpreting Residual Plots

    HW #116: Interpreting Correlation


    HW #117: June 2022 Regents Exam

    Mrs. Rotella-Diez

    Science 8


    Office Hours Mon/Thurs

    In Class: No School


    In Class: Review Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

    Homework Edpuzzle, complete Physical Science Packet. Packet will be checked tomorrow for completion!

    In Class: Review Cells

    Homework: Life Science Packet page 1

    In Class: 


    In Class:  



    Mrs. Rotella-Diez

    Living Environment


    Office Hours: Mon/Thurs


    No School

    Review For Human Body System test tomorrow!

    Review Vocab Packet Topic 1 & 2

    Body System Test Today!








    Mrs. Zinni



    Office Hours: Mon/Tues

    No school

    The Hitchhiker text and questions

    The Hitchhiker questions and Twilight Zone episode Click Clack the Rattlebag text and questions


    Final projects due today

    Mrs. Jones

    Social Studies


    Office Hours:

    No School

    Cold War Video + Questions

    Enduring Issues Due Friday!

    Enduring Issues Due Friday!  

    Enduring Issues Due Friday!  


    Mrs. Julian



    Office Hours:

    Mondays & Fridays

    Study Study Make sure assignment from class is completed Study Unit 7 Test today


    Upcoming Assignments:

    Math 8-

    6/2 Test #7 on Chapter 10 Systems of Equations

    6/15 Math 8 Final Exam


    5/31 Unit Review #11 Due

    6/15 Algebra I Regents Exam

    Science 8-

    Living Environment-

    English-  TKaM Final Projects due Friday 6/2

    Social Studies- 

    Enduring Issues due Friday 6/2

    6/20 Social Studies Final Exam



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